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Materia: B2B logistics and supply chain company growth Fueled by Innovation Park

Challenge: Materia Regenerative, a hemp and functional ingredient supply company company was seeking to expand its reach and brand recognition within the B2B hemp and supplement space.


  • Acquire hot b2b prospects: the hemp product retail was slowing down due to economy slowdown and market saturation
  • Strategic Geographic Expansion: They aimed to expand their presence across to functional ingredient space, and tap into several additional industries.
  • Solution: Innovation Park, a strategic growth consultancy, devised a multifaceted plan to address Promedics' needs:

Results: Materia Regenerative yielded significant results:

  • 10 hot leads just within the first 10 days of launching the campaign!
  • Strategic Expansion: We have been able to adjust and identify the need in the logistics and supply chain management for some of the new niches/ingredients, and the company received a warm welcome. A lot of brands suggested they wanted to book a call with them to discuss opportunities!
  • Pending partnership with several organizations in the investment space wanting their reputation and expertise.

Key Takeaways:

  • This case study demonstrates the effectiveness of a targeted approach with the strategic brand mission: we have been able to strategically incorporate the brand mission, brand voice, and accomplish several qualification steps to refine their customer audience and pre-qualify them
  • identifying and anticipating objections and questions customers would ask, helped us book more calls!