Building Positive Influence in Society with an NFT Play-to-Earn Metaverse

The multiverse is the next big thing tech and gaming development. In this series, we welcome Tano, the founder of Musure World, to share his wisdom on creating a metaverse crypto game. First, discover how this creator prototyped, launched, and commercialized his idea, and how you can too. Next, learn about metaverses, metaverse gaming, and how to launch a token based on your metaverse. Lastly, you can understand the beneficial social and financial impacts of NFTs. With these insights, you can learn how to create or join multiverse games.

Transcript on Metaverse Gaming

Introduction: Our Guest Speaker

Cassie: Actually founder of Musure world, and I know a lot of you have been hearing about the metaverse and what that means. A lot of people think about, it’s only about how brands can capitalize on it. But there’s something deeper inside of what is actually happening around us and 5G with the networks and accelerating that the metaverse is actually what we’re here to talk about. So, Tano I’m so excited to have you here. A, please share with everybody, just a little bit about you, where you’re coming from and what you have been working on for the past year.

Tano: Perfect. Hi everyone. I’m Tano I’m, I’m waiting to share the screen. Okay, let me share the screen, okay? 

Cassie: There we go. 

Tano: Okay, let me know if you can see it. I think it’s all good.

Cassie: I can see it, yep. Perfect.

Tano: But I’m Tano. I’m the founder of Musure World, an NFT play-to-earn metaverse where creators and players on the economy through digital properties, immersive parties, and daily Quest. So everything started one year ago when we saw the show on Fornite of Travis Scott, and we see that will be the focus of Musure World. And after that, we understood that the problem was bigger, but creators needed to build a strong economy around them that which on YouTube space to them, almost nothing. So this is where was very, very huge and following to that. We did an MVP. We did a show with the Brazilian DJ. We understood that the problem was bigger while it was a video game. It’s a social experience. You can chat around, you can walk with your flying bird. And while the experience was amazing, everything started here. And now we are, you can follow us on. Really interesting because, you know, the people that are watching here. I want to learn about prototyping and launching and then commercializing.

Insights from Metaverse Gaming

Cassie: And essentially, that’s what you were doing here. You prototyped an idea that you had from Travis Scott. Can you walk us through it? How you do that? Like, how did you promote? Like, how did you set up the collaboration? How did you implement, what technologies did you use here to test this idea?

Tano: Perfect. And at first, we started that with Unreal Engine 5, sorry 4, we used 4 for this show and we started with the concept art and making the partnership with the artists. We were looking forward to working with electronic music artists from Brazil. She’s called Blanca. And we work at with them, with the concept art and we were inspired on different video games that are focusing on making a video game and so it shows. So that’s all we take about 3 months to build this. And what’s a long ride was once very difficult because we have a story to tell we have, we had, we had them haven’t software. So we to build the software from zero and thank you to Unreal Engine for letting us make everything very easier than this. These moments are very powerful for startup Founders because everything is much easier to build things.

Cassie: So quick question. you know, when you were building this, you know, you’re just like you said, oh, wow, totally inspired. From the Travis Scott. What was in your mind like building this? Like walk me through kind of like the thought process, you had thought of this concept to actually building it. And then when was that point where you said? I think we have something here, I think, but everything started. 

Tano: I did the Tent Event. I was a founder of a massive production company from 2015 to 2020. We did Tent Event, the biggest event was about 5 K people. So I’d run is about entertainment. I also was Music Manager for artists and one streamer. So my background is related to music and entertainment and when the lockdown in 2020 happened, we turn back and we see Twitch and YouTube and we saw that there was a lot of limitation. The first one was about the experience. What’s in 2D? Everything was so plain. No, not immersive and we were bored. Also, super important. I’m a gamer, I play every day and every night with my friends. So I was like video games. And I say to them, like, hey, what do you think if we put the DJ here and or something like that? And I see the effects and I was like, this is what I need to know to what we need. Is some an immersive experience. So that was the first point and the first energy where we’re going from the board moment. I asked my friend. I just get well, we did more than 50 interviews with music fans and music artists. 

Cassie: Oh how you did this like what because you know, you asked 50 music fans, you ask that you know for people that want to understand like how to prototype and test an idea. This is really a big part of it. What do you like? What did you do with these fans? Like did you like? How did they–how did you test them? How did you interview them? Walk me through that.

Tano: Okay, but first I’ll I’m a lover of Lean Startup. So so Lean Startup talk to us about the problem fit-solution-fit with this problem. So the first thing was about problems and we said that the hypothesis and we in this interviews with the music fans. We use the previous fan base that we have from the production company. So, and, and they say that they were, they agreed with us. Interviews, talking about the hypothesis, talking about their fears. What if they were bored with that experience. And how did they see the solutions? And we talked about Travis Scott, also in that same moment came up the Travis show and everything was super clear for me. That was amazing, epic games they are amazing, really! They did an epic show to show us the path of immersive experiences. That’s all and after that probably fit solution fit. We prototyped in the middle. We did like a design print, but you can do something very easy. And after we came up with a prototype and we go forward with this social fit. What’s a PDF, very simply showing them the experienced and how this will be. And they said to us like, yes, I like it. We need it. I need it. And we have to make it. 

Cassie: That’s a very crucial part of building and prototyping. It’s not saying “Oh I have this idea and then I’m going to prototype it.” You went the right way in talking to the people and understanding their problems. And then you offered them, you know, in a PDF. Is that what you did?

Tano: Yes.

Cassie: Before even building the application? Is that correct? 

Tano: Yes, the prototype needs to be agile and super less expensive than everything. 

Cassie: Yes. I think it has like there something to be said about when you do really great customer interviews or user interviews that you’ll be able to take those insights and to be able to crack that experience based on what they said. So, you know, it’s like, all right. These are all the things that you want and you and your team you’re like, okay, how can we make this the best thing for them? Rather than saying: this is what I think and this is what I should build. I got applaud you for that.

Tano: We use graphics and when we put everything that we can build and we were talking with people with the fans and the most valuable things, and that cost, then they’re much less than everything else. That’s the thing that we are, we need to focus. That’s the thing. If this allows a lot of value is given a lot of value to the user and the cost is cheap. That’s the thing that you have to do right now. That’s amazing advice! It will be used a current street, do not build the street. If I come back to history will actually go back. I will do my show on another platform. I will not build my own. This is one piece of advice from Tano of the past. So because wasn’t interesting learning to build my own software. It’s not easy, but well, we learned that and we have to finish. And we did it! It’s easier if you buy and build your things on something existing.

Cassie: Yeah, so great. So sorry totally went on a different tangent, but let’s go back into this prototype that you shared with the initial group of testers.

Tano: Yes. Let me know. What, what what? 

Cassie: No, this is fantastic. So you made this all in Unreal. Unreal engine. Yes, of course. Well, I will talk about me a little bit about me coming tonight. I was the founder of a master of in production company and I have a bachelor of Business Administration. I graduated from The Founder Institute with the highest grade one month ago. I also graduated from Y Combinator Startup School they are a Silicon Valley accelerator. I win for five awards and contests by Innovation and social technology impact. The last one was from Epic Games, Unreal Engine gave us a grant for building the Musure World metaverse on Unreal Engine. So thank you very much. We are looking forward and they are allowing us to build the future, really. This is a huge opportunity and we are going to take it and we’re going to make it super epic. And of course, what, I was music manager, or for artists and one streamer. And, of course, I’m a gamer. That’s why I understand this from, from the inside. Maybe you do a lot of people. 

Cassie: The best founders are the founders that are building the solutions to fix their own problems. I think we’re they are definitely on to something with you. 

Tano: Yes, I was bored and I needed it and I was like, looking at the effects on every game and okay, so I needed for me. So I went I want to talk about something very easy now and making complex. The first thing’s about what is blockchain? Well, here we can talk about an analogy that I like to share. Blockchain is like a tree and the cryptos are like the blot of the of this block chain and the tokens are like the fruits of this of this block chain. For example, Musure is launching their own, our own token from December and we are a fruit from, from a blockchain. So this is very interesting. Directly can be a lot of tree, of course, so that’s why. Also, there are a lot of blockchains and the most valuable things about blockchain and why we need them is digital scarcity, security, transparency and a true digital ownership. That we didn’t have before, that’s something happening now happening on our social networks, like Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, everything that we post on them. It’s not our it’s not ours, of course. So that’s where blockchain comes for internet, a simple example. So what is a NFT? Well, a fungible token. For me, it’s a digital property that is unique and irreplaceable. So the same that I saw I decided before when we you are the owner of a skin, a skin on Fortnite. For example, you are not the really owner if you want to sell these things or the skin increase in value, you are not the owner of the skin or this asset. So also an NFT is a contract, a token is a contract, a crypto, blockchain, everything is a contract. So if we start or, or who start to be the owner of NFTs, it is starting to be the owner of contract, and, and digital properties, and get these, give a lot of value to people. And there are people that they are like 20, 20, 30, 40, 50 years old and they are not owners of anything. Now, with blocking, they can be the owner of something of digital values and that can increase in time. They can take loans on this. So it’s really a game changer for me. And I think that’s why they are exploding right now. 

Cassie: Also, we have seen something like this for that. What can be benefiting really? Yeah. A lot of people only see like NFTs as something like an auction where people are trying to get like, the highest bidder like from my perspective. I see that a lot of people really don’t actually understand the value of an NFT that it’s not like that initial sale. It’s actually the longevity of having an asset that you can say. This is mine. I own this. I could potentially take this asset with your asset and make something better. I think of a lot of people are looking at it, in a digital sense without actually putting it metaphorically into the physical sense. I think, like, that’s kind of, the thing that Musure world stood out for me, Is that the NFT is not just a commodity. It’s actually like an asset as if I had my house. It’s a lot of people kind of misunderstand like the whole thing about NFTs because we only see the options and you know, eight million dollars for this picture, but if people don’t really understand the underlying foundations of NFTs 

Tano: Yep. There are a lot of use case, Value Store, use case like in Metaverse for bringing more values like Musure World. And well, we don’t know how many use cases we can have in the next following years.

Cassie: I think that’s a nice thing to say is like we know what, we don’t know that we know. 

Tano: And something is important and a NFT can bring a digital property to someone that doesn’t have anything before. And this kind, they can take this NFT, for example and staking this they can bring more value to the left, for example with a loan. And that’s someone that is not owner of anything is a specific case. Of course, if we give a long to them. They will increase their life value by a lot. That in comparison that given this long to anyone who have already money. So this is something very interesting because there are people in the world that doesn’t have any identification. For example, and it has something basic but it’s incredible. When we think about what kind of like social impact, this is going to have for people that cannot be banked like, you know. 

Cassie: I’m in Singapore which is like a small country in South Southeast. Asia, but in the Philippines, you have millions and millions of people that cannot even get a bank account, but they would play games and be able to own NFTs for the future. So they would be able to create this sort of asset building for themselves in the digital space where they wouldn’t be able to because of the banks. 

Tano: Yeah… old school people. 

Cassie: Yeah. hey, we are freaking amazing. 

Tano: We are changing this. Right. Now, we are going to what is the metaverse? And this is something that we were talking a lot more now than ever. And for me, a metaverse is a place where we have a digital identity, a digital community, and a place where we work. If these three aspects come alive we are on metaverse. And the, they can exist a lot of metaverses and this allows the multiverse. It builds the Multiverse, a joint of metaverses. Musure World is a metaverse because you we have these three aspects and also it’s a expand of our life in a digital way. That’s something that will be like a more simple way to explain it. And this will be cool, be a social network, but we need to work on them and in there. Right there, the, the existing social network. We are not working on them paid, we are working for free. So it’s a metaverse, but they need something else. I think that’s the part of blockchain, the part of blockchain can add value and then if these, of course, the token etc. So this is super, super interesting, and there are limitations on and opportunities of this metaverses. The nature of the metaverse is scarcity. Why? Because scarcity brings value. Bring that they offer is less than the demand. So the demand is bigger because everyone wants it. But there’s a limitation because there are 100 NFTs or 1 million tokens. So this is the limitation. So this snatcher is their opportunity and also this limitation is the opportunity to exist new metaverses. So that’s why every week it’s going up and out another metaverse because there is a lot of people and we needed more space. So, we need more than one metaverse. We need millions, I don’t know. Maybe we will take a moment that we’ll be like, increase will be slower, but we need more. So that’s something super interesting about metaverses. And that’s why Infinity, for example is a metaverse. And that’s why I’m asking it is like the Bitcoin of metaverses and Play-to-Earn games. So that’s why Musure World exists because everyone wants to enter new metaverses. And what is Play-to-Earn?  When it explain it, simply, it’s a NFT staking. So you have to buy the NFT. You have to buy the digital asset and you play and you take your you’re staking but by playing. So that’s like explain it simply and this mining or staking needs halvings like Bitcoin. Bitcoin does halving every four years. Halving is an increment on the difficult of the mining. So at first, the metaverse is super interesting on the commitment to economic side because it’s easier to mine or to stake it, then the return of investment is higher so, and after 1-2 years or maybe less, the game have to do this halvings, this increment on the difficult to achieve the long-term sustainability. They have already, they are already funded for this first step and now they have to deliver more value by adding more specific things. But, of course, the evolution of metaverse is something that we are on that, but that’s some that’s all about Play-to-Earn or what. I understand. It’s like Bitcoin but gamified. Or Ethereum but gamified. Musure world is a Play-to-Earn game, something that’s amazing. They creators create parties and the players by avatars, and they have to contract this party and the avatars do Quest. And on this Quest they can win or lose and if they win, they are earning money. So that’s the earn in Play-to-Earn. The creators earn money by having contracts of the avatars. That’s what you’ve been like a simple explanation of Musure World. Well, here comes the, can this technology generate a social impact? Well, we have a lot of things to talk about and we can focus at first on a story that happens to me. 

Cassie: Yeah, what kind of like personal impact have you had to go through before you built this and maybe now as you’re building it, what sort of impact has that had on your like, social interactions and your relationship? 

Tano: Okay, and if I go downstairs right now, there are my two brothers play. That’s Infinity. My girlfriend is playing at Infinity. Also, I have friends playing, this is game. So and my girlfriend is coming the opportunity to make their own dream when believing in our in a big city. Thank you to Infinity, my brother’s they buy a gamer PC. So and they can, he can now stream and play more games. So, so really, really it’s a game-changer, they are their friends that they are talking to me because they know that I’m making a metaverse if they have a job for them and I say, hey buy an avatar and do Quest so I don’t know if you understand but it’s like we can have a horizontal impact on the social and the people everyone can access and this is the important thing, bringing down the technology to a social impact, to do something tangible to something that can be used for everyone. And this is the interesting thing about the blockchain and metaverses. That’s why, that’s where I am. Of course. 

Cassie: You talked about it a little bit about the Play-to-Earn and, you know, the monetizing how you play and how you’re like working. You know, I look at the different social media platforms, where people have been no working their butt off, making really great creations. So that people can like, share comment and see their content. And essentially what happens is you have, you know, I working augmented reality. We have creators all over the globe that are creating things for Facebook and Instagram and they get millions like hundreds of millions of views on the content which keeps people on the platform, but it’s essentially work they’ve done for free. Like essentially, they are working for these large corporations for free and so, you’re bringing along this. You know, this new idea of like Play-to-Earn. And I find that like really amazing. Now, how do you see the future in that? Like, what does that future look like for players or even creators?

Tano: The creators and players will have the opportunity to monetize their attention and they are content releases. Now we are the creators are working for free or almost free. And this is incredible that anyone is talking about this or what. Now, we are talking about this but and play in players. So they have, they are to making a doing a lot of playing moments on video games. They are paying attention and they are not the owners of anything. So it’s amazing that they are an almost nothing from this. For me. It’s in. I don’t either. Don’t understand these almost. And they need the job platforms to them, because I challenge you to, for example, to look for someone who is under 24 years old, that is not a creator. A streamer or a gamer or influencer. Everyone under 24 years old is a creator or a gamer. So what will they do 10 years? When they are 30 or 40, they will continue to play video games. They will not change our. Now, there will go physically. They have digital friends and they want to meet on them. That’s something very important. We have two technologies and metaverse is the video game technology and the blockchain technology. So on this two both sides: on the video game technology we can exponential the creativity of creators and gamers, and bringing them value, and extend extremely greater impact than traditional streamers stings. And that for me, is absolute. The streaming is only interesting in this type of meetings and conference when we don’t need immersive, but maybe in 10 years we are having the same conversation on a metaverse. Maybe on Musure World, it would be amazing. And also combine it with the blockchain we can have a micro investors for creators. So Gamers can be the micro investors of this creators, which is very interesting and powerful and will allow them to monetize their fan base on a larger scale. I was gonna talk, gonna go a little bit deeper into the micro investing. 

Cassie: Yeah. So you’re saying like this is a way for the gamers to be able to micro-invest in the creators that are going to be creating and streaming about those specific gamers. Is that correct? 

Economic Development in the Metaverse

Tano: Yep, so we are seeing like a new ecosystem. A new like Economic Development within the metaverse that hasn’t been, you know, that hasn’t even existed at all outside. You know, I think a lot of, you know, when I look at inside the metaverse and outside the metaverse, the way I look at it is outside the metaverse you have like brands, you have agencies, you have agents, you have this, you have that. And then inside the metaverse. It’s like being a little bit more clear and transparent in those transactions. Brands will be entering the metaverse, over time, more and more. And it’s something that I call Meta Commerce and it’s a hybrid purchase. Maybe you can buy asking for your avatar and One hour later these digital this fashion. This digital fashion comes also to your home and you know, you can put yourself. This is this scheme. So that’s like will be something super interesting for Brands making a digital impact because if people now are not on social networks and now our metaphors they will go there. Of course, that’s 32 the brand. And coming back to what blockchain allows, the blockchain allows artists to retain, they digital properties and also allow creepy players or click creators to retain this digital property over time and continue to charge two filters. Presale of these entities, for example, maybe you’re buying an NFT now and 20 or 30 years later you continue to be the owner of this and this NFT have a lot of value because these metal Bars were all with a lot. When you were the first one that died this entity. So really it’s something super super interesting. What we can build and what we can work out, what value we can give to, to creators and players. And also today, more than 90% of gamers do not monetize this attention. So it’s like, A really the end they play more than four hours today every day. So they are giving their life to games and something that they don’t own. So it’s really interesting. No, they also we have people that cannot travel the world and see their creators or see their favorite artist. So, information will allow us to experience is immersive experience from the comfort of our home and also, there are people between 10 and 24 years old that they don’t feel entirely comfortable in physical evidence. They prefer virtually they have virtual friends. They are on digital communities, then they could never coordinate with other friend. And so it’s easier to them to meet virtually. They are okay with that. They don’t need to meet these physically and and and for last time but super important, there are players who have different mobility problems: autism, phobias of mass people, post-covid disorders and this  impede their enjoyment in physical events. So Musure world also solve this problem and it’s super important because there is a lot of people who have this and they exist and it’s they are equally important than everyone else. Absolutely. Well I love it. Is there anything else that you would love to add here Tano? About social impact? Hey, social impact or anything else. What and then maybe I really did to the environment. We need to to scale to blockchain, who have a better environment impact, every that. Now Ethereum and Bitcoin are not the best thing. But that’s really the same. Then the last thing, maybe on social impact. We have a lot. Yeah, we talked about a lot. 

Cassie: So let’s talk about like, where are you can apply this? 

Tano: Perfect. And the first thing is, I would say it’s a, you can apply every in every industry. There is no limitation. And this is the moment to create now is the moment to do creators like us, the founders. To build what we think that will be an interesting opportunity. Maybe I see like if gamma 5 experiences on different industry will be an interesting way to monetize and to allow blockchain, enter to your startup, or to your company. Because, you know, if someone wins, earns money, someone have to wait, okay? That’s the thing about the Play-to-Earn or the blockchain. But the they are related to where I can apply them everywhere. You only have to understand if your client or fanbase need a solution from blockchain or new other type of solutions. Well how I say blockchain allows transparency, digital properties, security through digital ownership. If these four values, add some value to your fan base, I’m sure that you can add this technology to your company.

Tano: How do we start? I think that the first thing will be do traction, create traction. That’s the thing that everyone thought about the mentors, got the, their focus. And if you need a specific advice, I will do a gleam marketing combined is something that the clients have to do, like a bullet list of things like following you on different social networks and after this they earn tickets for entering private sale while list. So you you are not spending money here. You’re only doing traction, your focus in the community. Because communities, the only thing that is not duplicatable is the thing that is not negotiable is communities, everything. That’s why also blockchain are, are looking for products because they need communities. So, coming back, how do we start? Create a community! Is the most valuable thing.

Everything else is a beauty in something that we’ll be building. But without community, and you only need a landing page and this marketing, abandon, you know, it’s super easy and super easy to start. So, that’s after two years being here I think that this is the best and the most easy way to start and work. Well, the world in ten years, 31. We will have a lot of impact of blockchain, then the market cap of Doctrine will increase for 10x. Not said by me, of course, they’ve been studies. And I think that the dowels that the decentralized autonomous organizations will impact on the, on the world. And the line between the the Government and ended house the dark than our actual government and the house will be like, we will not be understanding. Where is happening there the social impact. For me, I think that the world in 10 years will be much better, more connected, more freedom, more decentralized, and more distributed. You know, the money right now it is making a better distribution. Thanks to the blockchain here in Latin America where I am from, Argentina, I’m seeing my friends and my colleagues my brother’s increasing their earnings thanks to the blockchain. So and if because they are now 20 years ago, 18 years old and there was entering to the adult, you know, moment and there were looking for jobs and here Argentina maybe a normal job is paid for 100 200, $300 and with the nft game, that’s the normal core base or you can have a lot of more value money. So It’s the the better distribution and also blockchain. For example can allow people to have any universal identification. So are you, you don’t need more of this type of ID, National national ID, and I think that we will have a multi currency. So, for example, I sent to you Casey the Musure token and you sent to me, one token that you earned somewhere. Everything will be okay because we will have like everything. Super clear. I think that everything will be super flexible and better. We are going through that. Also, I have other mission and now the Musure Worls mission and my mission is economic freedom for gamers and creators. And that’s why Musure World exists, but in my mission will change in seven, eight, ten years. It depends of the technology and because I need more technology to this to do to create this new Mission, and this new mission is internet freedom for everyone. Internet is something basic. I have some days problem here from Argentina. I try to work with people from Asia from Africa, who, who have a lot of internet problems and touch. A place where 5G can enter and allows democratize this technology. Internet is a basic. It’s something basic, you know, so why I need more technology? Because I need more satellite on the sky. 

Cassie: I took the internet is a basic human need if we look at metaverse and this should not be something that is specific to people that can pay for the internet and pay for phone or pay for a our glasses or pay for VR headset. This should be part of a basic human need. That’s what I think. Hopefully, there’s for the people that feel the same way. Maybe I just like put my foot in my mouth by saying that. But are there any closing points or closing remarks that you would like to share with the audience today before we get on a Q&A Internet is freedom and the freedom have to be for everyone? That’s will be the last things about this and how it out before the dowels are the next government for me and in time. Years or less because they will be owning and in moving and making a lot of things. Thank you to the do the store value and the money. They will be having will be a lot. So maybe they got then the actual government will be focused on security and more physical things and the DAOs will be focused on education, on health on the playing. Video games and social connections and being in this is the social impact. What the answer is I really like to understand that. I think that the DAOs are the next government and well the future is now Casey and join us to create it to everyone. Thank you so much. Here, my email you can talk contact me and Musure dot World that it’s our webpage. You can follow us. Thank you very much Cassie!

Metaverse Gaming Q & A:

Cassie: I love it. Supposed to jump in the Q&A. That’s going to start a short. Wait. Perfect. Thank you very much.

Tano: Hi, can you hear me? There we go.

Cassie: Yes. There we go. Yes. I can hear you had a little problem here. So I just want to turn off the video here. So our videos can be, I guess I’m doing it wrong. Anyways, so thank you for sharing that. I wanted to ask you I know you have some updates on the progress of your funding. So share a little bit more with everybody. That’s going to be watching this on the replay. What are the updates that you have with the Musure World?

Tano: Perfect. So what the updates on funding? We are right now driving a sit sale a, private sale, every aach step is going through different moments. Right now we are finishing the seed sale and after that, in the middle of middle of December, we’re finishing the private sale. And from 5 to 10 of January. We’re driving the initial equity offering the seed sale have 300 K on selling the private sale, 200, of course numbers near of that. And the will be for 300 for liquidity. Okay, dollars. So well super Super excited like Facebook, changed to Meta, and I received a lot of offerings and I was like, okay, have to reject. Someone isn’t trying to understand who are gonna make, who are going to drive the most valuable things to Musure World. So that’s the what I was focusing and trying to do.

Cassie: Beautiful, thank you! And I know you had some interesting updates about the epic games. Can you share a little bit more about what that program is about? 

Tano: Yes. So the Epic Games have a grant, it’s called the Mega Grant from Epic Games and is for developers or startups or everyone around the video game industry, building, amazing things on their tool that is called it Unreal Engine. And so we launched at how I tell before an experience. I was a software multi-player software. And after that we win the Mega Grand from Epic Games that allow us to think in long term to understand that we are on the right way. If it begans like this, you know, this is very difficult because driving NFT Play-to-Earn metaverse right now that are the centralized. It is very difficult to have a like a baking from the old. Industry, that was epic games. Always its on front and they understood this and that’s why they are making right now. 

Cassie: Yes, it was. That’s excellent. Validation, you know, to have that stamp of approval and that kind of like commitment from Epic Game. So congratulations man, that’s awesome.

Tano: I thought, I’ve also more news and really did to the the current moment of the metaverse while we’re how I actually, we have two steps. The first one was was it’s a web map metaverse. It’s like it’s a groundhog of the 3D metaverse because they make a grant. It’s super interesting. Of course. It’s a, it’s a, we need money and it’s allowed for starting but not for developing all the things that we want to develop on Unreal Engine. That’s why we need more funding and that’s why we We have to cut the the, the experience in the middle. Conserving on, only the part of that is more difficult because we have more example. Musure World is fun to play and have a strong economy. So for building fun to play games, we have more than 30 years on the industry building video games and we understand very well how to do interesting and super fun games. But in the side of strong, economies we have, countries, for example, with more than 200 years, and they don’t know how to do something economies. So that’s that what, where I, where we focus in right now. And also, that’s why, because that’s why we cut it. The experience and everything will be simulated in a web, a matter of hours. And when we have the 3D metaverse, this web will be the storage keeper. The like, the administrator of the business of the Avatar owners. Has and the party openers, so it’s very very interesting and also it’s a growth hack. So why not? Very nice, cool. All right. Well, tell her. Thank you so much, and I know you dropped your information for people to reach out to you and kind of check out what you’re doing and connect and see if there’s any way to collaborate. So once again, thank you so much and have a great day ahead. Thank you, Casey. Of course, follow me on LinkedIn. You can chat with me. Also. I posted the link tree of music or join. Our community is, I’m open to everyone to enter into speak to everyone. We are growing very, very fast 100% each week on the community. So we are it’s amazing. This moment. So it’s a moment to connect with me and let’s chat and build because we are doing this right now. We are on The Cutting Edge Technologies. So Cassie, as always, it is a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to everything. 

Cassie: Absolutely! Alright. Take care! 

Tano: See you. Thank you.

The metaverse is an immersive opportunity to expand your social experiences, finances, and more. As a result, it is important for investors and creators to take advantage of these insights going forward. Multiverse gaming is only going to become increasingly popular, so it’s important to be on the cutting edge of this technology. Creators like Tano have understood how to meet the needs of those in the metaverse, and others doing the same will experience immense rewards. 

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