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Discover and access grants, invest or acquire innovative businesses, relocate, grow. One of Belgium’s top boutique firms in business immigration and international tax strategy.

Why Streamline Your Business With Us?

Get support along the way: be it paperwork, grants, or business plans. We have a custom solution to achieve your business goals

Put vital information at your fingertips

Immigration paperwork is extensive and exhausting. When you need a translator for each change, it’s also expensive. We remove that stress, providing all your documents in English so you can access vital information easily.

Eliminate outsourcing to sluggish "experts"

No need to outsource to expensive and sluggish immigration experts, translators, lawyers, and consultants. Our help rules that out, freeing up your funds and time to use as intended.

Free you from bureaucracy

Unlike most immigration agencies or legal firms, we help you reduce management costs by bringing all services together. You won’t need to deal with multiple specialists and bureaucratic follow ups. We manage it all for you, therefore reducing your cost and saving precious time.

Invest in a better future

Founded on mutual respect, growth, and creative evolution, we work towards a future that is kinder and more sustainable for all. A portion of all our proceeds go to investing in businesses that focus on nature preservation & supporting female entrepreneurs with training and resources.

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