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Discover and access grants, invest or acquire innovative businesses, relocate, grow

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INNOVATION GRANTS: Scale Your Business Abroad

We provide innovative businesses with:

  • Expanded circle of competence with a supportive investor’s circle
  • Optimised business and global expansion strategy to keep more of what you make
  • International expansion strategy with marketing expertise to properly position your product abroad

READY-to-GO BUSINESS SOLUTIONS: Build A Business Abroad with Business-in-a-Box

Not sure what business you’d like? Choose a pre-planned fully developed business solution.

  • Position yourself for a visa
  • Discover profitable markets with our market research
  • Achieve personal & professional goals with the perfect-for-you business profile
  • Launch your business with your detailed business, financial and global marketing strategy

Relocate Your Business Abroad

Dreaming of your idyllic European lifestyle? Apart from immigration process assistance, you receive all-around support the entire first year while settling in.

  • Visa and permit tracking for full compliance
  • Support setting up your business
    and personal admin 
  • Help selecting a school and property
    that fit your needs

INVESTOR SOLUTIONS: Diversify Investments With European Real Estate and Businesses

You want to grow your portfolio through European real estate and businesses. We will help you:

  • Finding the best possible property
    for your needs
  • Ensuring a cost-efficient and smooth transaction, loan and mortgage process
  • Optimising your tax setup and connect you with grants and subsidies at no extra charge

Grow Your Wealth Through Strategic Planning

Streamline your financial setup with the most sustainable model possible

  • Uncover opportunities suitable for your needs and goals.
  • Plan the suitable business setup or restructure an existing business for the highest benefit.
  • Set up all admin and logistics in full compliance with your paperwork

Why Streamline Your Business With Us?

Get support along the way: be it paperwork, grants, or business plans. We have a custom solution to achieve your business goals.

Eliminate outsourcing to sluggish "experts"...

No need to outsource to expensive and sluggish immigration experts, translators, lawyers, and consultants. Our help rules that out, freeing up your funds and time to use as intended.

Put vital information at your fingertips...

Immigration paperwork is extensive and exhausting. When you need a translator for each change, it’s also expensive. We remove that stress, providing all your documents in English so you can access vital information easily.

Free you from frustrating bureaucracy...

We’re by your side for a full year to help you circumvent the slime of bureaucracy that often becomes the excuse for inaction. Most immigration companies help you get into the country, but do not set up or understand the logistics. There are hundreds of minute details that can make or break your visa. We provide guidance across all of them, ensuring you’re not only compliant, but never left in the dark for a second.

Invest in a better future...

Our work is founded on mutual respect, growth, and creative evolution. We work towards a future that is kinder and more sustainable for all. A portion of all our proceeds go toward investing in businesses that focus on nature preservation and supporting female entrepreneurs with training and resources.

What Clients Just Like You Are Saying About Our Services...

“The difference between Julia’s team and the other companies I worked with is a long term vision. I could feel they are planning years in advance, not just short-term 2-3 months from now. That made me confident that they are invested in my business”

Bob G. Coach and Author

“My consultation rate increased by 30% and keeps growing. Your strategy really made a difference.”

Matt Unger, CEO at iComply

Receive Your Custom-Designed Global Expansion Strategy To Achieve Your Personal & Professional Goals Abroad

Normally $900.00

Yours today for only *$500


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