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Alone we go fast, together we go far.

Co-growth has always been one of my core values, and I realized that by cultivating a collaborative community, we could provide innovative businesses with the resources, guidance, and support needed to drive meaningful change in the world, step by step.

The vision seemed almost impossible

When I asked the few investors I knew, they were adamant I couldn’t achieve it even if I dedicated my life to it. That was fine with me. I decided I was still going to do it… Even after several unsuccessful attempts, which helped to shape the vision even better.

Eventually in 2020--2021

My team members found me. One by one, all sharing similar values and visions, showing up in the strangest of synchronicities at the perfect moment. We found support from the Flanders Investment group and many other businesses, investors and professionals. It was clear that this time, nothing would stop us from founding Innovation Park.

Finally, the vision had come to life

I have the tools to link innovation companies, investors, family businesses and expanding corporations to co-create and co-support. Our international network is constantly reinvesting into itself and expanding. New, sustainable, groundbreaking ideas are bubbling away. Little by little, we are changing our world.

Innovation Knows No Borders

Innovation Park connects progressive companies worldwide. We provide the strategic relationships, guidance, and support to seamlessly implement innovative ideas across global markets.

Some businesses are looking at how to optimize their taxes so they can invest more in business growth

Other business owners decide where they want to live now that they can actually choose their homes and need support with the logistics

Innovation Park fuels your global growth through strategic connections.

Looking to continuously innovate, optimize, and scale your business?

Innovation Park was created to make international expansion straightforward.

We strategically guide businesses to confidently establish, navigate and scale overseas. With decades of collective experience, our experts and partners handle legal complexities, make connections, and pave the way for smooth global growth.

Expanding globally shouldn't be tangled and complex.

We strategically pave the way so you can grow into the international leader you aspire to become.

Meet the team

Julia Vorontsova - Marketing

Julia Vorontsova

Marketing development specialist, Revenue Optimization Strategist

Alex Tamiz - Business Research and Grant Writing

Alexandra Temiz

Business Research and Grant Writer

Natalia Belousova - Creative Director

Natalia Belousova

Creative Director

The Journey to Global Growth Consulting

Rewind to 2017.

My husband and I were exploring international expansion for our budding company. We chose Belgium as our launch pad to Europe.

What followed was a 2-year slog navigating the maze of immigration and business establishment abroad. No guidance existed for the full process. Costs mounted. Bureaucracy abounded. But the tumultuous experience sparked an opportunity. We realized companies expanding globally desperately needed an advocate.

But the tumultuous experience sparked an opportunity. ..

We realized companies expanding globally desperately needed an advocate.

Fast forward and our firm now provides complete international growth consulting. We guide clients on expansion strategy, marketing, operations, partnerships – with care and mastery.

Our own past hurdles allow us to uniquely understand the pain points like few others can. Where to rent office space or find talent. How to interpret regulations across cultures. Where to avoid pitfalls on the winding path to growth.

We lived through the challenges firsthand. Now we prepare clients before they start their journey. We accompany them along the way, ensuring smooth expansion.

At the end of the day, it’s about more than just increasing revenue or footprint. It’s about realizing global ambitions with confidence. We make that happen through hands-on strategic guidance, so you can thrive abroad.

Our personal backstory provides unique empathy. Combine that with our experience navigating growth, and we have the insights to ignite overseas success for bold businesses ready to make their global mark.

A Tangled Immigration Experience

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