The Innovation Park Vision

I had a vision of Innovation Park shortly before I started travelling the world in 2017-2018. The phrase, “I am a creator” popped into my mind several years ago and changed my life...

Co-growth had always been one of my core values and I realised that building a community would be how this manifested. The community would provide the best resources, wealth and support for innovative businesses to be built and change the world we live in, step by step.

The vision seemed almost impossible

When I asked the few investors I knew, they were adamant I couldn’t achieve it — even if I dedicated my life to it. That was fine with me. I decided I was still going to do it… Even after several unsuccessful attempts, which helped to shape the vision even better.

Eventually in 2020-2021

My team members found me. One by one, all sharing similar values and visions, showing up in the strangest of synchronicities at the perfect moment. We found support from the Flanders Investment group and many other businesses, investors and professionals. It was clear that this time, nothing would stop us from founding Innovation Park.

Finally, the vision had come to life

I have the tools to link innovation companies, investors, family businesses and expanding corporations to co-create and co-support. Our international network is constantly reinvesting into itself and expanding. New, sustainable, groundbreaking ideas are bubbling away. Little by little, we are changing our world.

Innovation Knows No Borders

Many companies are willing to implement their inventions in a range of countries or internationally. Businesses grow, expand and optimize for the most effective and lean structure, with readily available investment and professionals to back them up and help them succeed.

Some businesses are looking at how to optimize their taxes so they can invest more in business growth

Other business owners decide where they want to live now that they can actually choose their homes and need support with the logistics

Meet the team

Julia Vorontsova - Marketing

Julia Vorontsova

Marketing development specialist, Revenue Optimization Strategist

Monika Frackowiak - Business Immigration

Monika Frackowiak

Business Immigration and International Tax Expert

Alex Tamiz - Business Research and Grant Writing

Alex Temiz

Business Research and Grant Writer

Natalia Belousova - Creative Director

Natalia Belousova

Creative Director

Innovation Park is everything I ever needed during different stages of my business. It’s not an incubator or accelerator but rather a collaboration network for innovation.

Possibly, you are looking for ways to optimize your business structure and innovative ways to invest? Get in touch to find out how Innovation Park can help you and your business

Innovation Park has been created to support you at all these stages and provide holistic help that ensures smoother business setup, growth, optimization and expansion

Or you want to move to Europe with your family and live a good lifestyle while having a fully managed-for-you business, knowing you’re fully supported with all paperwork you’ll have to deal with. 

Be the person who you needed when you were younger

Maybe you have an innovative startup you pivoted away from and someone else wants to buy a new innovative business?

A little history...

One day back in 2017 in Canada

I sat with my husband and business partner, discussing options for getting a second passport and what would best benefit our business and life….

After consuming hundreds of blogs and articles, Belgium was our primary choice – except there was little information on the actual total cost of our move. And even less information on who could support us and what they could do. The estimates for the cost I was seeing varied from ten thousand to half a million euros. What a range! It was impossible to plan for because of the lack of consistency.

I decided to reach out to some local Canadian businesses...

and big firms specializing in tax optimization and offshore business paperwork, but couldn’t make it through to anyone. My emails were unanswered, calls met with requests to email, and when I finally came to the firm in person, I was told that they don’t accept walk-ins. Just like that.

Eventually I had to subscribe to a bunch of online subscriptions and through one of them, got a referral to a firm where my now legal partner worked. That changed everything….

Long story short, my business and family move to Belgium took almost 2 years and over $100k in various expenses, some of them having to do with COVID delays in the middle of the immigration. At one point, we had a week of waiting and were ready to buy plane tickets for the whole family to fly to Canada in the middle of lockdown and quarantine in a hotel room for 2 weeks in both countries just for an extra passport stamp before going back. Another moment, we had to simultaneously hire 2 different legal companies because our case didn’t “go as planned” and we needed more support, for which we got billed hourly. It was clear: there was:

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