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Many companies are willing to implement their inventions in a range of countries or internationally. Businesses grow, expand and optimize for the most effective and lean structure, with readily available investment and professionals to back them up and help them succeed.

It’s time to turn that dream into a reality. Europe is the go-to region for business expansion. Successful entrepreneurs — just like you — have already made the move, and now it’s your turn. What’s holding you back? We know. Fear of the unknown. With the right partners — Innovation Park — you can alleviate this fear. Here’s how we can help with business development and marketing. 

Business Development and Marketing

Strategic marketing and business development enables success abroad. Per McKinsey, companies expanding internationally grew 2-3X faster over 5 years than domestic-only firms.​
Here are the 6 steps on how we can help:

Provide customized guidance on potential markets and regions that align with your business development and marketing goals.

Offer insights into business acquisition prospects, helping you identify opportunities for growth and market expansion.

We help facilitate local connections with decision makers. Suggest effective strategies for engaging with stakeholders.

Provide a complete overview of your new social and tax situation in your chosen market, helping you plan your operations effectively.

Compare pre-selected business structures, analyzing their pros and cons from a taxation perspective to optimize your financial strategy.

Identify potential grants and subsidies available in your chosen market, helping you access financial incentives for your business development and marketing efforts.

What’ll we do next?

We have a vast network of innovative partners from all walks of life and look forward to networking you with the right one(s).

You’re going to need to get the visa situation right the first time. We’ll provide end-to-end support with the authorization processes and ensure you meet all the business immigration requirements. Finding the right property for both residential and business operations is paramount. We know all the best locations and have access to off-market sales. We’ll also assist with purchase/lease negotiations.

There are numerous things to consider, like relocating your assets, establishing bank accounts and proxy services, and registering for VAT. Our team of experts has over 15 years of experience in all these matters and will sort them out for you. We speak multiple languages so can translate documents with ease, ensuring all the i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed.

Let us schedule a pivotal week of strategic meetings with decision-makers, partners and professionals after initial setup. We'll join to warmly introduce you and pave the way for deals. Then we continue representing you to nurture those connections long-term. ​

Europe is waiting for you...

If expanding your business, globalization, and the European market is something you’re considering, then what are you waiting for?

We’re ready — right now — to sit down with you and cover all the bases, then turn your plans into action. Our team has successfully relocated countless innovative entrepreneurs just like you; why not be the next one? Book an appointment with one of our team today regarding business relocation, and we’ll help you realize your dreams.

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