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Why are we looking for you?

Maximize Profit Potential: We seek companies committed to uncovering untapped profit sources, ensuring every revenue opportunity is explored.

Prioritize Customer Satisfaction: Businesses valuing customer experiences and aiming to enhance them will benefit from our analysis.

Maintain Competitive Edge: If you aim to outperform competitors and secure a strong market position, our insights are indispensable.

Innovation Knows No Borders

Many companies are willing to implement their inventions in a range of countries or internationally. Businesses grow, expand and optimize for the most effective and lean structure, with readily available investment and professionals to back them up and help them succeed.

Innovative startups

Many innovative startups face difficulty attracting investors due to limited traction in their early stages, hindering their capacity to exploit revenue avenues fully.

Business development efforts can help you build proper connections and open new doors abroad/internationally/ because we can represent you/your company in the European arena.

Localized marketing and communication with your customers internationally/newsletters/effective email/follow-up sequences and in-depth educational blog content and more.


Some investors limit their focus to product-ready startups to reduce losses and optimize returns, potentially missing out on emerging revenue streams.

Investors seek profitable, flourishing portfolio businesses. We aid in development, marketing, and team building, letting you prioritize customer service and milestones.

Investors may rely on hope when diversifying their portfolios, which can be a precarious strategy in identifying and capitalizing on overlooked revenue potential.

Businesses that want to identify opportunities

Struggling to discern effective solutions hinders rapid growth. We address weaknesses before scaling to ensure safe and steady expansion.

Simplifying innovation unlocks overlooked opportunities during periods of innovation and collaboration, boosting your revenue as we seize these chances.

Sometimes innovating and finding how to improve certain parts of your business can be challenging and time-consuming. We help you find simple solutions that work while you maintain your operations.

Understanding your metrics is vital for improvement and growth. We create a unified dashboard to track revenue-driven efforts and results, maximizing your business ROI.

Our Process
Is Your Biggest Benefit

Finding out who can help you with the process, hiring the right experts, and then tracking your progress isn’t easy or cheap. Complex documentation, mounds of paperwork, and unexpected revisions are all part of your immediate future. You won’t know who can help you with the documentation and tracking until you hire the wrong people. You don’t want to waste your time doing something we can already do for you. We have the experts and project managers to ensure you’re covered from start to finish, so you won’t lose time trying to keep everything on track. Let us handle that for you; we have the expertise you need in that area.

We Won’t Leave You to Work Out
the Future on Your Own

Our working relationship doesn’t end once you’ve relocated. We’re always by your side, offering coaching and mentoring advice. Our mission is to make sure you have the support you need throughout the journey, whenever you need it. When laws or regulations change, we’re there with you to help you understand the implications. We offer training workshops for up to 20 people, so we can impart all our knowledge to help you achieve financial success in your chosen country.

Thats where we come in...

With over 25 years of experience in business development, business immigration, and digital marketing, we’re your one-stop shop for everything to do with you going global. What does Innovation Park do that others don’t? Our proven Cosmos™ Method is the key to opening closed doors. Are you keen to know what that is? We thought so!


Innovation Park helps connect the dots across the customer journey for established medical and life science companies. Our operational integration bridges gaps that lead to revenue leakage.

We ensure seamless connections between stock systems and logistics. Between web experience and marketing automation. Between customer service and sales.

The result is a streamlined journey that converts and retains more customers. We identify untapped revenue opportunities and build a unified commercialization system to capture them through optimized marketing, sales, inventory, logistics, and service.

Our helicopter view identifies missed profit potential.

Our optimizations structurally turn gaps into gains.

While our organization clearly profiles company identity, target customers, and market USP.

We assess if current positioning is strong. And realign if needed.

Our optimized operations and organized strategy combination allows medical and life science companies to maximize revenue today. While positioning for the future.

We take a helicopter view of medical and life science companies’ operations.

Through this high-level lens, we identify missed revenue and leakage points in the operational structure.

Our structural innovations then turn these gaps into profit drivers. We make small tweaks that yield big revenue results.

By optimizing existing structures, we uncover new customer segments and markets within current footprints.

Our strategic structural enhancements allow companies to maximize return from their operational assets. Just a few tweaks drive outsized revenue lift.

With the help of our business growth and international strategy specialists we create business design that allows for multiple streams of profit, while keeping business operations as lean as possible. We also prepare an optimal international taxation structure to streamline the scale.

At this point we review the business process flow to ensure it’s smooth. The back end is strong and no leaks are happening in the process that could break the business. Now we are ready to involve our international network, marketing teams, and a wide choice of strategies for international scale.

Cosmos™ Method In Details

First up, we invite you to book an initial consultation where we go over our Cosmos™ method in detail, then we’ll get you started on your journey by doing the following:


In our 2 hour consultation, we will pre-qualify you and your business or your investment strategy. We know what opportunities exist for your product in what markets, we’ll make sure the fit is correct before you take any further steps. After qualification, we’ll help with marketing strategy and connect you with our expert network of partners.


Streamlining your current processes and pinpointing your requirements is our forte. We provide comprehensive assistance for your business development and marketing strategies, and we also collaborate with partners who specialize in regulatory and taxation matters to further support your needs. 


Company laws and regulations, equity limits, and taxation restrictions are significant hurdles when opening a business abroad. They’re also forever changing. Our team is on top of this at all times and can guide you every step of the way. We understand that time is premium.

What Are You Waiting For?

It’s never been a better time than right now to expand your business abroad. Europe is the hot spot right now, especially France, Belgium, and Spain.

The opportunities there are the best they’ve been in years. We know where to find the right innovative partners for your business, and we can’t wait to show them to you. Our team speaks multiple languages and has strategic partners worldwide, ready and willing to do business with someone like you. We’ll also let you know all about Cosmos™ and the exciting future that awaits outside your current comfort zone. Are you ready to achieve international funding and obtain a global expansion strategy? We are.

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