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Diversify Investments With European Real Estate and business

Many companies are willing to implement their inventions in a range of countries or internationally. Businesses grow, expand and optimize for the most effective and lean structure, with readily available investments and professionals to back them up and help them succeed.

Finding the best possible property for your needs

Ensuring a cost efficient and smooth transaction, loan and mortgage process

Optimizing your tax setup and connecting you with grants and subsidies at no extra charge

Business Investment Opportunities:
European Real Estate

European real estate and businesses could be the answer, but are the benefits really worth the effort? With the right guidance and support, absolutely! Here’s why you should seriously consider investing in the European property market.

Diversify your property portfolio

Gain permanent residency in a foreign country

Globalize your business

Diversify your property portfolio

Gain permanent residency in a foreign country

Globalize your business

Meet golden visa requirements

The perks are obvious, but international property investment is a complicated process, and there are numerous hurdles to overcome. At Innovation Park, we’re experts in negotiating ways through this minefield. How do we help make sure this business investment opportunity is done in the best way possible?
Here’s how:

Purchasing property in a new location domestically can be challenging. Take that to a global scale, and you probably don’t even have a starting point. With our network of worldwide partners, we know the best locations. We also have access to on- and off-market properties. An off-market property—also known as a secret listing—isn’t advertised and is only sold via a select group of brokers and agents. We’re in that group!

Buying property abroad isn’t as straightforward as signing the contract and transferring the funds. Why? Eligibility requirements change from country to country, and we can determine this for you during our qualifying session. Be fully prepared before you start shopping for property to avoid any costly surprises.

Golden visas open doors that remain locked for so many. Innovative business people like yourself can greatly benefit from holding one of these. Many European countries offer this elusive visa if you hold a property portfolio there. We’re across all the ever-changing requirements — for each country — and are ready to help you with the process.

Property investment requires access to funds. No doubt many of you are cashed-up and ready to purchase outright. For those who need assistance, we’ve got access to grants and subsidies that you may qualify for. Mortgages and other loans are also possible, and we know where the best deals are. We even know which banking partners are the right match for you.

Did you know that Spain offers up permanent residency for those who invest in property? If a European passport is attractive to you, we can negotiate the entire transaction. You’re going to need a partner to negotiate with the relevant authorities and explain to you all the legalese. We have a team that can speak multiple languages, and that’s why you need Innovation Park.

For most investors, the number one challenge is the seemingly endless amount of paperwork. Don’t let this deter you from making this leap. Our team of experts has 15 years of experience and can navigate this for you effortlessly. From contracts to loan documents, grant submissions, and tax registration, we have it covered.

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Invest In European Property

If expanding your business, globalization, and the European market is something you’re considering, then what are you waiting for?

We’re ready—right now—to sit down with you and cover all the bases, then turn your plans into action. Our team has successfully relocated countless innovative entrepreneurs just like you; why not be the next one? Book an appointment with one of our team today regarding business relocation, and we’ll help you realize your dreams.

Tax Optimization

Grow Your Wealth Through Planning Strategy

What’s one of the most frustrating components of running a business? Tax! How much of your hard-earned income is directed into paying tax? Expand your business globally. Tax optimization opportunities are out there waiting for innovative business people like you...

Find your own Tax Haven

You’ve heard the term tax haven, so why not expand your business into one? For those of you unsure, it’s a legal system where a country offers low or no taxes to foreign investors.

Right now, Europe is a hot spot for foreign investment, and tax havens are popping up everywhere. Tax exemptions like these can benefit your entire global business structure. You could even benefit from reducing taxes back home.

Somebody else’s solution may not always work for your unique business situation. Make one false move, and you could be in for a world of hurt. At Innovation Park, we’re experts in all things tax optimization, and we’re here to help.

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Don’t Do This

Pay tens of thousands upfront to a law firm that tells you they’ll take care of “everything” for you without actually telling you what that entails.
You’re then left wondering what you’ve actually paid for, only to find out at tax time that errors have been made on your behalf, and you’re facing hefty fines or even jail time.

What We Do Different

We connect with you on a paid 1-2 hour call to explain everything in detail that we can do for you. Our team has over 26 years of experience in international wealth management, business relocation, property investment, and global expansion. We also speak multiple languages. We partner with Belgium’s “International Corporate, Tax, and Realty Law Firm Of The Year 2021.”

Full business

To ensure you qualify to take your business abroad. We’ll also do a complete tailored international tax optimization strategy. You’ll only need to provide us with information on your business, life goals, and residency expectations.

Explaining the consequences

We’ll explain the consequences of changing your host country tax status in view of permanent residency and citizenship acquisition. You may even qualify for double taxation treaties.

Direction of choosing the right country

We’ll point you in the right direction of which country (or countries) you’ll benefit from the most. We’re positive that you’ll feel confident enough to let us work on your behalf. You can rest easy knowing that you’re being taken care of by top-class international professionals.

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After we’ve qualified you, we’ll explain all the compliance requirements for your host country. There’s a mountain of paperwork and legal documentation required; we’re experts in:

  • Corporate law: company set up and registration, IP, holdings and trusts, branch offices
  • Administrative law: visa requirements, registration, domiciliation,
  • Labour law: social security, work contracts, independent status,
  • Financial law: VAT, tax advice and declarations, wealth structuring, insurances, loans, bank account opening

If you’re eligible, we’ll even process your application for non-tax resident status.

Once you’re established in your host country, we’ll provide admin and logistical support and help you source the right talent.

Additionally, we’ll set up all your nominee, trustee, fiduciary, and management services.

We at Innovation Park have a huge network of partners worldwide, who we match together with innovators like you to build successful business relationships.

Tax optimization is out there...

Our partnership doesn’t end once you’ve been established in your host country. We’re there for you when things change — which they do, constantly.

We will lodge annual returns for you, notifying you of any changes to your obligations when they arise. Part of our service is retirement planning. You don’t need to go back to your home country; we can advise you of the best options once your working life is over. Are you sick of paying too much tax? We know the answer is yes. It’s time to diversify your business and seek out tax optimization opportunities abroad. Book a 1-hour qualifying session with us today, and we’ll help you broaden your horizons and pay less tax.  International wealth management and property investment may seem overwhelming, but it’s easier when you have an experienced partner to guide you.

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