7 Reasons Belgium is an Investor’s Paradise and Your Golden Ticket to Financial Freedom

192% increase

Ever heard of Pillar One and Two? They’re the OECD’s plans for a global tax overhaul.

Unless you’re a multinational enterprise or an ambitious investor, you don’t have to worry too much, though. Not right away, at least. The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework Project changes the international tax landscape forever. If and when it comes into effect, more reforms are likely on the way.Add to that the ever-evolving digital economy, new legislation, and the unprecedented events of the past two years, and the uncertainty is palpable.

According to UNCTAD’s World Investment Report 2021, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to developed economies dropped by a staggering 58% in 2020. In Europe, FDIs saw an 80% decrease. North America weathered a 42% decline. Meanwhile, foreign investments in Belgium saw a 192% increase. And that’s just the beginning. Investors looking for innovative business opportunities in Europe are flocking to King Philippe’s Country. And for excellent reasons. (Hint: it’s not because of the waffles, beer, and chocolate.)

Read on to find out why you should start investing in Belgium today.

The Economy’s Open For Business

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As an influential economic hub at the heart of Western Europe, Belgium’s exports account for a whopping 81.8% of its GDP.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the 9th leading exporter worldwide. According to the World Trade Statistical Review 2021, Belgium ranks:

  • 10th for exports in world merchandise trade
  • 11th for exports in commercial services world trade

The KOF Globalization Index (measuring social, economic, and political factors) ranks Belgium in the top three, too. From business services to digital, Belgium’s top sectors saw new investments despite the tumultuous global climate. It maintained 5th position in the 2021 EY Attractiveness Survey for new investment/business opportunities in Europe. Thanks to a flourishing open economy, Belgium is one of the best countries to start a business as a foreigner. New business registrations can be quick and painless, taking a few days at most. With the right support, business immigration is easy, swift, and cost-effective, too.

A Logistical...Dream

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Belgium’s state-of-the-art transport network gives businesses in Europe an edge.

Distribution is world-class and efficient, whether by train, road, sea, air, waterways, or multimodal transport. Belgium’s logistics system is supported by cutting-edge internet and telecommunications infrastructures.

It boasts the world’s:

  • Densest road network
  • 4th densest rail network with high-speed intercontinental connections
  • Largest port concentration, including seaports, inland ports, and regional airports

With a custom-designed strategy and end-to-end support, your new or immigrated business can take advantage of Belgium’s logistic network, too

Who Doesn’t Like Tax Incentives?

Belgium’s tax rates seem ridiculously high.

In reality, foreign investors and international tax partners with know-how and guidance benefit from a range of corporate tax deductions, including:

  • Notional interest
  • New asset investment deductions
  • Federal tax exemption for subsidies

The Belgian tax system also rewards innovation, research, and development with tax credits and income deductions. With the right team on your side, your innovation company or start-up can get grant opportunities and network support.

Global Players and Decision-Makers


Belgium is the unofficial capital of the European Union. It’s also home to NATO—the second most diplomatic center globally.

You’ll find more international organizations in Brussels than in Washington D.C., including over:

  • 180 embassies
  • 5,000 diplomats
  • 1,000 lobby groups
  • 120 global government institutions

What does this herculean international presence mean for investors in Belgium? Paired with a bustling economy, it unlocks more business opportunities in Europe.

A Golden Visa Brings Golden Opportunities

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A Belgian golden visa is unlike other investment visa programs. The requirements differ, it’s less expensive, and the terms are less defined.

However, the outcomes are identical. Qualified applicants obtain Belgian residency before Belgian citizenship is possible. A Belgian passport includes benefits like:

  • No residency requirements
  • Full family residency
  • Visa-free travel to 180+ worldwide destinations
  • Schengen zone access

Other attractive perks include high living standards, quality health and education systems, and affordable real estate. While most golden visas are geared towards real estate investment, Belgium’s residency program only welcomes business investments. There are countless avenues to fulfill Belgium’s investment visa conditions, from company holding structures to foreign investments. Well-versed business and immigration guidance are crucial, though.

A Workforce to Be Reckoned With

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Belgian employees are multilingual and well-educated with diverse skills and an eagerness to learn.

Belgium’s workforce scores well above the OECD’s average — more than 30% have a higher education degree. When looking for business opportunities in Europe, human resources is a key consideration—and a complicated one. With the right business management support and strategy, you can benefit from the 10th most productive workforce in the world.

Where Innovation Meets Investment

Doing Business in Europe

Belgium is an epicenter of lifelong learning, educational excellence, and modern innovation.

Many of its 16 universities consistently rank among the top institutions worldwide.  

It’s also:

  • Home to world-renowned scientific and research centers
    A perfect testing market with access to 500 million European consumers
    An investment hotspot for cutting-edge industries like biotech, fintech, and cleantech

The investment options in Belgium are diverse, wide-ranging, and envelope-pushing. From Brussels and Flanders to Wallonia, Belgium’s multicultural trading hub offers unique perks you won’t find anywhere else on earth.

Enter the Crossroads of Europe With Innovation Park

Despite tumultuous times, Belgium remains an investor’s Utopia.
The legal, tax, and financial goalposts are always shifting, though. Business opportunities in Europe and beyond are only realized with an impactful, pragmatic approach.

So, how do you enter Belgium’s bustling economy sustainably and profitably? Easy. With Innovation Park.

As multinational business experts, we work closely with Belgian stakeholders to provide grant opportunities and tailor-made business solutions to our clients.

From residency and corporate tax optimization to business immigration, development, and structuring, we’re here to help. See what our vast global partner network and unmatched expertise can do for you. Book a paid consultation today, and let us take you to the Crossroads of Europe.

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